Collective Complaint, A Big Success.

Posted 8 years ago, 25 Mar 2015 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

The Moyross Committee would like to thank the people at "Can", Cathal Mc Carthy and the communities all over Ireland in getting our collective complaint to the European Rights Committee, everyones work has been deemed a success and the council have now been held admissible by the European Human & Constitutional Rights. The people of every regeneration area have been made a mockery of for many years and it is about time that something was done, we have been campaigning for the last 10 years to try get the council and the government to uphold the rights of the people but to no avail. More residents should get involved and participate in the future of their area as these are the people who know what is best for the area the live in. There have been certain groups inside the council and the government that are speaking out for the people who live in the regneration areas and have no mandate to do so. We have noticed an increase of shady work being done by certain contractors, which we will share more detail about soon as we have solid evidence against, hopefully however the issues will become clear and sorted so that no further action will have to be taken against these people. "All our evidence that has been collected over the years, will be carried to Europe, it will be shown what has happened to Moyross, the conditions of the regneration areas and the people who have been subdued to living conditions which are below the standards of the European Rights, no one has listened untill now, when something/someone of higher authority has stepped in," expressed verbally by Mr Tom Daly.