Concrete Drains

Posted 5 years ago, 15 Sep 2014 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

The residents in Moyross are sick of the huge lakes appearing on the road in front of the community garden, not only is it dangerous for cars to drive over due to what could be fragments of glass or debris that cannot be seen in the water but its also causing people in the area to have to delay their time by 5 minutes going around the other side which should not be the case. The council have sent out people to fix this early this year with no results, it was time we took the matter to our own hands and shame them for mess of a job they didnt even bother to fix and still got paid to do, upon inspecting all three drains we found huge amounts of concrete /dirt brushed in, from an earlier job they did when they were made to fix the community wall structure after damaging it with their digger. The community should not have to do this, it is the councils issue that they should have fixed and inspected afterwards!

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