The worst type of discrimination is when it comes from YOUR OWN!

Posted 2 months ago, 14 Sep 2020 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

I find myself saddened and disappointed to be sitting here writing this article in regards to allegations made against our hardworking , talented and dedicated football club Moyross UTD. As I mentioned in the title the worst type of discrimination is when it comes from your own, A man who is running our own community center who's intentions should be to better our facilities , and our community for our youths and the people of Moyross, and to provide a safe environment for everyone who is using the resources the community center are responsible for. Many issues have been reported to Mr. Flannery on numerous occasions about the mistreatment of the soccer pitch that our thriving soccer team calls home. Attached are many pictures to prove how bad these problems have escalated over a number of months between drug use, littering, anti-social behavior , consistent drinking, and ILLEGAL DUMPING which Mr. Flannery authorized himself , when approached by Philip Power (chairperson of Moyross UTD) he aggressively pointed out that they are his pitches and he will dump what he likes. Time and time again he has point blank dismissed all of the complaints he has been receiving from Philip and the lads on the team over a long period of time. We have news for Mr. Flannery it is not YOUR land the funding you are receiving from regeneration to keep these spaces of land in a good state are being WASTED on god knows what else and you are not fulfilling your role and promises as a community leader , I will remind this man again you work for OUR community centre. As if this wasn't bad enough Mr. Flannery then went on to take the character of some of our players making comments about how they were engaging in criminal activity that took place the other night in Moyross but quickly tried to retract and cover his remarks. How dare someone of his position act in such a manner! It will not be forgotten by anyone in this community and your actions have shown numerous times you are not one of our own, You are not out for the well being of our community and people and more importantly you only show respect to those who can do something for you Mr. Flannery. I am disgusted that this is what it takes to make you do your job, It won't be good enough until one of our children are hurt you might be willing to take that chance but we are not! In our opinion as a community it would be more in your line to resign from your position and let someone who cares about our peoples welfare to take over and help bring Moyross forward rather than two steps back!! This statement was wrote by Tom Daly (Chairperson of the MRA)

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Corona Virus (Covid-19 updates)

Posted 8 months ago, 30 Mar 2020 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

Due to these terrible times that we are experiencing with the rise of the corona virus I would like to ask all the people in our community to check on your elderly and look after one another. All it takes is to be kind and it will make these scary times a little less hard on them knowing they have a helping hand while cocooning. We would also like to wish our best to Linda Ledger of St. Munchins Community Center , We urge local businesses to get behind eachother during these hard times and look after our own. The community center have played a big part in helping a huge percentage in our community whether it was meals on wheels , or a delicious dinner with a friendly smile provided to everyone that greeted the doors of the community center. The main things we need to remember to make it through this pandemic are as follows! -Wash your hands regularly -Social distancing! -2 metres apart from anyone you have to be in contact with only if absolutely neccesary! The most important..... STAY AT HOME & STAY SAFE!!

The last train to Delmege!!!

Posted 11 months ago, 22 Dec 2019 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The opening of the garden couldn't have went any better and we would like to extend a massive thank you to EVERYBODY involved and who made it possible! I have always been so proud of my community where I come from but what a magical day it was to see everyone pull together and get in the christmas spirit and give the kids a day they will never forget.. It's important for us all to remember that this time of year is about giving and the best gift anyone could ever receive is happiness and memories thankfully we can say we gave alot of families just that!! I hope the new year brings love , happiness and peace to all and hope each and every one of you have a very merry christmas ! Thank you.. Tommy Daly Chairperson of the MRA

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A Christmas Fairytale

Posted 11 months ago, 09 Dec 2019 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

Hello everybody ! Its been awhile since our last update and we are delighted to leave everyone know about the update on our brand new memorial garden. We are so proud to be sponsors of the official opening of the new garden which will kick off with this years biggest christmas event 'A Christmas Fairytale' and we are thrilled to be working with Asteroid Entertainment alongside Jamie Daly who has run some fantastic events including Starz In The Hood , Limerick Toyshow. Frankie Daly Cllr, Alan Daly and others to bring a christmas nobody will ever forget to your doorstep here in Moyross. Lets not forget where it all started all those years ago , An empty plot that the community came together with their hearts and efforts to make something beautiful where those near and dear could feel comfort , And peace with their own thoughts in prayer. The help wasn't there for us so we made it possible for ourselves as a group of people standing together for what they believe in and wanted to remember our lost youths over the years. Then we added a memorial plot for all our fallen hero's of the 1916 rising as so many of our loved ones fought for the rights , and voices that we have today and were taken from us through there heroic actions. Here we are now with a new garden , Yes our old memorial garden was taken away and all we asked for in return was for that safe place to be restored and to be given the support and co-operation that we could have done with many years ago by them rebuilding what they took, Not a penny was exchanged for the trade as we highlighted before all it was ever about for us was having a place to go to be at peace and remember those who are gone and that has been done justice. So here's to the future! We look forward to speaking/meeting many of you on Sunday from 1-6 @the memorial garden in Delmege Park! It will be a fun filled day for everyone and every childs dream come true .. We will see you all there! Have A Merry Christmas!

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Posted 1 year ago, 11 Sep 2019 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

So after alot of plans and ideas we have decided its best for us to relocate the location of our garden just around the corner to a tidier more intimate space! As always the garden will be upkept to the highest standard and like it always has been everyone is welcome! We are sad to see our original community garden be uprooted it has given us so much joy , peace , and content the last 10 years and was our safe place for a long time. Thank you for the endless support and help the last 10 years we couldn't have done it without our tight knit community here in Moyross. Chinese whispers have also come into play that apparently we got a sum of money to move the garden which is absolutely FALSE. Our garden has always been about the people and the relocation came down to it being easier to maintain for ourselves and to accommodate the new plan for housing in Moyross we just wanted to make sure that was clarified for the people who don't know fact from fiction. Our newly renovated garden should be built in the coming months and we can't wait to have a celebration to official open it to the public, We are hoping to have a blessing carried out by the bishop and some fun for the kids on the day also, we will keep you updated on more information. If you would like to reminisce and look back on past articles to see all the amazing memories and events over the past 10 years you'll find them all documented in our articles and events section. A special thanks to our garden committee and every friendly face that have helped us along the way! Also to Anthony and his team at Road bridge, Shane Doherty , Frankie Daly and Willie O'Dea for accomodating our new garden! Especially Tommy Daly this project could have never been what it was without you!

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A big thank you to Willie O'dea and our team!

Posted 1 year ago, 23 Jul 2019 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The Moyross Residence Alliance would like to thank Mr. Willie O'Dea for acting on our behalf involving issues we had with the garden. It's nice to know we are not on our own and that when we need the support it is there. Also we just welcomed 4 baby chicks to the garden the kids are loving the new additions. We hope to get some funding together in the coming weeks to build them a new hut for them, and also plan on refurbishing the wall art nearing the end of the summer. Thanks to all who lent a hand the last week!

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Up and coming 3rd anniversary of the garden of remembrance!

Posted 1 year ago, 13 Jul 2019 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

Moyross Residence Alliance committee would hope to see everyone for a small celebration to celebrate the 3rd year of our garden of remembrance addition in the community garden. its great to see the garden looking so well and getting the sun for awhile to enjoy it. Thanks to everyone that helps us day in, day out with the garden , The Moyross community itself , and the kids who are the greatest helpers ever! They even helped us get the walls painted in tip top shape. Also to Sinead McDonnell with Tidy towns who made a donation it helped towards some beautiful new flowers and helped us get the solar lights finished. Its great to see the garden is valued by so many other than ourselves and really gives us a bit of hope and prayer when we need it.. We hope everyone is enjoying the weather and we will be announcing an official date for the celebration closer to august! Thank you.

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