MRA Committee attend Limerick FC press night.

Posted 1 month ago, 11 May 2018 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

Tommy Daly , Councellor Frankie Daly , And John McMahon attended the Limerick FC press night representing Moyross. There was about 50 people at said event at the savoy hotel. Kieran Judge covered a great plan for the club in dept with the help of his staff big things could be coming in the future if they get the backing they need. We could not believe that there were no other company representatives at the meeting. Especially considering Limerick FC is a well-known club for many years and has done Limerick proud for as long as we can remember, Chairman Pat O'Sullivan has carried this club along way and now he needs the support from the local companies , From the start he has funded this club alone and now he needs the financial support that other clubs seem to get. From our point of view we can not make sense of the fact that the City/County Council can turn a blind eye now when they are the main sponsors for alot of clubs and events ran around limerick. If Limerick FC is lost we lose apart of our culture , on top of losing our best players , and they lose their spirit. Even our local radio station did not cover this monumental event for a very serious matter which we found very strange considering Limerick FC support this radio station so where is the support in return? We're asking everyone out there to support our club and contact Pat O'Sullivan or Kieran judge if you want to get involved or need any more information!

Damage to our garden in delmege park

Posted 2 months ago, 25 Mar 2018 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

Unfortunately due to the beast from the east , There was alot of damage done to our community garden , after some ongoing hard work and time we have replaced our windows and panels in the garden , and replaced the grotto out of our own pocket once again with no help from our so called county council. Special thanks to Brendy Daly and Pat Haplin for helping us out at this time and the rest of the committee. As the spring/summer is approaching we will be starting our vegetable patch in the greenhouse with the help of all our kids in the community. We would also like to point out that anyone that would like to plant or visit the garden the gate will always be open for you just call down to us! This is a special place we have always wanted to share with everyone so don't hesitate. We have some exciting events coming up also so keep your eyes peeled on the website! Tom Daly Chairperson of the MRA

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Distributor Road Updates Part 2

Posted 5 months ago, 07 Jan 2018 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

As an update to the progress of the distributor road we're delighted to see the construction moving forward, It will make life alot easier for the people in the Moyross area and those in the cul de sac as the city is more accessible to them. Mr Thomas Daly approached minister Simon Covney about this plan at the unveiling of the funding for the Moyross Community Center with the community by his side as it was something that we needed to push, You can also see on one of our previous articles that Mr. Thomas Daly also brought it to the attention of TV3 , Even when 23 counselors voted against it the Moyross Residence Alliance stood firm with 3 other counselors because we know what this community needs to evolve and progress , This was a necessary action for us to take to open up a so called disadvantaged area to the city/county. We hope to see more of these projects going forward to better the community and development of the Moyross area.

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A Farewell to a gentleman of Delmege , Frank Ryan.

Posted 5 months ago, 20 Dec 2017 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

We would like to take this moment to express how overwhelmed and sad we are at the passing of the great Frank Ryan this week who was like family to us. Frank you were one in a million and touched everyone with your kind soul and warm heart everyone in Moyross has a story to tell with you as you were a gentleman to all. Everyone in Delmege and surrounding areas are thinking of the Ryan family and wish them happiness and support through this hard time. Frank, we are privileged to have spent so many great years with you and want to says thanks for the memories, laughs and friendship may you rest in peace. We thought of you today , But that is nothing new, We thought about you yesterday, And the days before that too, We think of you in silence, We often speak your name, All we have now are memories, And your picture in a frame, The memory of you is a keepsake, From which we'll never part, God has you in his arms, But we'll keep you in our hearts ♥

Garden of remembrance celebration gathering for Christmas!

Posted 5 months ago, 20 Dec 2017 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

We had a lovely day filled with laughter and joy within the community on Saturday the 16th of December with our kids and surrounding families to enjoy a prayer ceremony carried out by the San Franciscan friars who we would like to thank for being apart of these special occasions for us . All of the children loved decorating the tree and working together to give the garden the christmas spirit that we all need this time of year , It's important to remember that Christmas isn't about whats under the tree its who's around it so lets all be appreciate of what we have and empathetic to those that don't. The Garden of Remembrance has and always will be open to EVERYBODY from any areas to enjoy a prayer or just some thinking time. All our hardwork and efforts goes into making our garden an escape for people to have their own time out whether its a busy schedule or an overthinking mind. We hope to continue to better and grow this project as the years go on, This was built from the ground up with our own money, time , and love so please nobody be under the illusion that we receive funding from the council as it is a blatant lie carried by begrudgers , This is what we are fighting for as the help would do us so much good but they have not wanted to be apart of it , But we won't let that stop us from doing something that we believe in. On an ending note we here at the Moyross Residence Alliance would like to say may the blessing of god be with you & your families this Christmas and here's to a great New Year!

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Residents being discriminated against in Sarsfield Gardens

Posted 8 months ago, 08 Oct 2017 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The residents of number 14 & 15 of Sarsfield Gardens , Moyross . We personally can't believe the way they were discriminated against Every other house on their block has been refurbished and these two individuals have been left out. One of said residents contacted Shane Doherty of Northside Regeneration and asked why their family homes were dismissed for the improvements made to the area. Mr. Doherty said "I will have a look into it, But nothing can be done till next year although I will be in contact with you" This is blamant discrimation towards two families who have the same rights as everybody else in their neighbourhood. We will be contacting Mr. Shane Doherty directly about this and hope he sees the error in his ways. On a brighter note , We would like to extend thanks to the John the foreman and his team of the Mulcare Group for the brilliant work they have been doing to the footpaths and sewerage in Delmege park , Here are photos to follow! We have to address that four or five companies tried to address this issue and could not fix said error which were still paid for the job , Its great to know they've gotten the experts in!

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We are proud of where we come from!

Posted 9 months ago, 05 Sep 2017 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The Moyross Residence Alliance cannot believe the way we were portrayed on RTE last night by Doctor Eva Orsmond. Making allegations that parents are neglecting their children in Moyross, and branding us a ran down area. A few words for you Doctor Orsmond here in Moyross our youth are what keeps moyross progessing for the better , Some of the local idols of today came from the likes of Moyross, Kileely and Thomondgate so shame on you for putting such a degrading image of Moyross out there. Your words and tactics are far from motivational! Alot of others and I find them to be bully tactics. Going on international television and carrying on the way you did has disgraced your profession , I don't know who's worse RTE for promoting such a programme which has alot more to say about you than the people you tried to shame. I have never seen someone to be so invading and intrusive to the questions that were asked your behaviour can never be taken back so you will have to live with that! On a more positive note I'd like to bring attention to the many charities that the local communities have helped throughout the years such as the youth centre who were donated 3,500 , Cancer Research and Special Olympics received 3,000 each , St. Vincent De Paul 1,000 , and St. Munchins Community Centre 1,000. We are people who believe in helping our own even if we don't have it ourselves does that sound like people from a ran down area? Every word you spoke and your colleagues in Dublin were fiction , You should really stay away from the statistics cause they have guided you and your team wrong! Here we have the most activites for our children such as Homework Clubs , Breakfast Clubs, Movie nights , Summer Camps , Sports days you name it they have it , Theres some positivity for you ! These kids go to such things to socialise with their friends not because they don't get love and attention at home. Also it was a lovely day for the Monks of Moyross 10th anniversary celebration in the Moyross church another monumental celebration that we were proud to be apart of , Thanks to the Monks for a lovely day and lending a great hand here in our community.