Health and Safety Issues about demolition of houses in Moyross

Posted 12 years ago, 28 May 2011 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

It has come to the attention of Chairperson Tom Daly that there was an awful lot of Health and Safety issues with Kelly's Demolition. The first day they were knocking houses in Delmege Park there were warning signs and barriers erected and staff manning the barriers which was great to see, but the following day they had no signs or barriers to give warning of heavy machinery at work as if they just didn’t care. We had a couple of very close calls the last time Kelly's were knocking houses in out square said Mr. Daly. One of Kelly's fence's on Mr. Ryan's property of 51 Delmege Park nearly split Mr. Ryan it also fell on Mr. Larkin’s tripod for holding his moving camera which can be seen on the documentary film "Round the Roundabout" by Nick Larkin. There was a very close call last Friday when one of the big machines driving from one side of Delmege to the other nearly hit my child. These mishaps can not continue as Health and Safety and people's lives come first. We will say one thing about Smiths and Tinneleys Demolition crew, they had barriers and heavy machinery signs erected and personnel working all through the demolition process. We would like to compliment them on that and also on their efforts in hiring local people and keeping health and safety issues in mind at all times.

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