illegal Rubish Dumping in Delmege Park

Posted 11 years ago, 09 Jul 2012 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

It has come to the attention of the MRA Chairperson Tom Daly that the house hold dumping in Delmege Park is out of control. No wonder there is rat infestation in Delmege Park. There is a field across from 2 boarded houses in Delmege Park and over the ditch there is mounds of rubbish dumped. There are rats as big as cats there and one resident caught a rat in a cage and can be seen on our website So why in the honor of god are the council not doing something about this. They got complaints about it because 2 residents already reported it. This is disgraceful said Mr. Daly but again i say it would only happen in Delmege Park. Again as we said before its is like Moyross stops at the Community Center, it has been proved again and again. The people of Delmege, Pineview and Creaval Park are forgotten about as the community stops at the community center. We have an ongoing petition that is going over to the E.U and we are going to carry years of evidence with us on what is happening in Moyross by demoralizing us and forcing good people out of their homes. MRA Chairperson Tom Daly

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