Jobs in Moyross

Posted 9 years ago, 03 Nov 2013 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

It's great to see the Corpus Christi church with the trees trimmed in the driveway of the church in Moyross, A local man was talking to one of the employees with the company that was contracted to do the job and was asking what they were doing with all the off-cuts of the trees and he said "I was going to sell them to make money for the Creche which is great to see." the Moyross man said, But the Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson, Tom Daly said "It's a very worrying situation when you have contractors outside of Limerick, getting this work when locals from Moyross, should be getting these jobs and local contractors from Moyross would be well able to do this work." The Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson Tom Daly Said, "I saw people working with chain-saws cutting trees around the football pitch and cutting trees next to some of the Moyross Houses, why can't the locals of Moyross do this work, I am a bit surprised at Father. Tony and Thiernan O' Neill, the principle of the Corpus Christi School, That they hadn't got any locals to do this, it would have gone down well for the community, and even would have gave local contractors jobs and got them involved, It is very surprising to see, tree surgeons working on a Sunday, surely they are on double time and the way the economy has gone at the moment, with people barely working normal hours in the normal 5 day week".