Our Tragedies, Our Lives .. Not for others Enterainment!

Posted 1 year ago, 12 Jun 2017 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The Moyross residence alliance received feedback from residents shortly after the showing of the new short series "Assasins" . As this came to our attention we sat and watched the documentary ourselves and appaled at the results to be found from viewing. In a few short words the producers of this show have used peoples tragedies for ratings without the consent off anybody who lost loved ones, And had to live through these experiences. After a long few years of trying to establish Moyross as the good place it really is , And trying to show how much we've grown and accomplished as a community it's easy to realize that no matter how much amazing work is done the media will always try and take us two steps back. In our opion "Assasins" was a sad attempt to portray Moyross as a terrible love/hate spin off with no consideration for the fact that families sat at home and had to rewatch the worst moments of there lives being acted out without any type of consent for the entertainment of others. Here in Moyross the community love to be apart of REAL documentaries that show awareness and all sides , where you showcase the positives like The Limerick Toyshow , The Community Memorial Garden where their is a kids club held every Wednesday after school for our locals and is a safe place of prayer for our community. We were dissapointed to see that the people who seemed to have the answers to everything were the "fransiscan friars" of Moyross, Our neighbours speaking on behalf of the community when they were not present for the tough times that we had to pull through and put to bed , So to see someone speak with so much certainty on a subject that they have never been through first hand was disappointing to say the least , If we wanted to speak .. WE WOULD HAVE SPOKEN! All in all it was a cheap stunt to slaunder Moyross once again however we will keep growing and coming together to better our community, the youth , and the growth of our home here in Moyross.

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