Poor Foundation

Posted 12 years ago, 16 Jun 2012 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

Thank you very much Mr. Kenny. You left the people of Delmege Park a great hobby before you left, Catching Rats!. Which now are nesting in the boarded up houses of Delmege Park and also Limerick City Council and their demolishers left the foundations of 3 bungalows in Delmege Park in which is Rat Infested. This is a disgrace said Tom Daly Chairperson of the MRA. Tom is unendated with calls from people ringing him up complaining about the rats. You can actually see the rats coming up from the foundations at night. This can not be tolerated. You can actually walk along the footpaths that are supposed to be taken up and also the foundations of the house. The skimmed the foundations with a bit of dirt and left it at that. It would only happen in our community of Moyross but all of this is being documented. There are photos being taken and sent over to the E.U because we are not going put up with this. We want all of the foundations taken up and done properly. It is only a matter of time before a child falls and injures his or her arms, legs or worse. We wonder who will take responsibility for that, this is why the MRA is highlighting these issues as this is blatantly breaking health and safety rules. Lets see common sense prevail and get this situation sorted out. Pictured below is one of the many Rats caught in our traps and the foundations left by demolishers where the rats are.

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