Poor Workmanship

Posted 11 years ago, 16 Feb 2012 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

The Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson Tom Daly is very worried that locals tradesmen are not getting any work. Thomas o Kelly of Kelly's Demolition signed an agreement with tradesmen that he would employ locals to provide local employment where possible in regeneration areas. Unfortunately when these tradesmen went up they were told they could start the following day and when they went up the following day they were told there was no work for them. Now this is very demoralizing for these tradesmen as they had all their kit with them and then kelly's turned around and told them there was no work. This is very upsetting. We the MRA have a letter from Thomas o Kelly of Kelly Demolition saying he is willing to work and provide the employment for these people and this letter can be seen on the internet. Now there is more health and safety issues with kelly demolition, they were building a gable end of a house in college avenue and they were using banned materials ''cavity blocks'' which were banned in the 70's. These materials are not fit for building houses. c When Mr Daly approached these block layers that were doing the work he said to them do you know that this material is banned? They turned around and said '' that limerick city council had passed this material and told them to do it''. Mr Daly said to the block layer I can't believe that Limerick City Council would pass this as the material is not suitable for building houses. As the MRA are unendated with calls from people complaining about the dampness and coldness with these blocks being used. Now surely to god Kelly Demolition knows these materials are not suitable. The only people we see using this materials is Kelly's and Smiths. Now there is also an issue with Kelly Demolition with health and safety in College Avenue. They had a big fence around a gable end house inside and another outer fence outside in which was wide open at the end of it. Now when Mr. Daly pulled the block layer on this the block layer said that Mr. Daly should have a vest on and a hat. Mr Daly said to him where are your signs to say health and safety that there is an ongoing building here and no one is to beyond this point as it was wide open which can be seen on the internet again on the MRALIMERICK.com website. Again this is blatantly breaking the rules of health and safety. This in not the first time we had problems with Kelly Demolition. As far as the Moyross people are concerned, we do not want Kelly's Demolition out here as we had big problems in Delmege Park and other areas which can all be seen on the internet.

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