Proposals for Moyross Welcomed

Posted 9 years ago, 18 Mar 2013 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The new proposals for Moyross regeneration were finally revealed to residents during a day long consultation organised by Limerick Council's Office of Regeneration on Tuesday 12th March from 10am - 6pm in the Community Centre. Tom Daly, Chairperson of Moyross Residents' Alliance (MRA) has welcomed the proposals. "It was a long time coming and it was great to be able to finally see them, but there was a lot to take in and try and understand. People were more confused afterwards than they were before the consultation" "I have my concerns about what we were shown and how residents were being asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire and sign their name to it. There were no independent experts on hand to help residents understand what they were been shown, only staff from the Office of Regeneration and some members of the unrepresentative Moyross Residents Forum Ltd. I am also concerned that these proposals were shown to residents without including any recommendations from the National Crime Prevention Office as one of our advisers was in regular contact with the office since last November" said Mr. Daly Chairperson of Limerick Regeneration Watch, Cathal McCarthy, is a member of the MRA committee as an adviser said that these proposals were presented to residents without the inclusion of any recommendations from the National Crime Prevention Office (NCPO). "From my discussions with the NCPO we have learned these are the same proposals that were received by the NCPO in October 2012. Requests for additional information by the NCPO in November 2012, such as site maps, went unanswered by Limerick City Council until the end of January 2013. The NCPO will present their report to the Office of Regeneration at City Hall on Thursday 28th March, so it was a bit premature of the Council to make the proposals public and claim in the local media that they were developed in partnership with the Gardaí. Unfortunately, there is no legal obligation on the Council to heed any of the recommendations that will be made by the NCPO" said Mr. McCarthy Mr. Daly said that all residents can do now is wait and see, "We were told that most of what is proposed won't happen until 2014, so all residents can do is wait and see. I am concerned that it will never materialise and that residents were not given enough time to digest what we were shown. Why weren't these proposals published online or given to residents before the consultation so we had more time to figure it out. Also, other areas had 3-day of consultations to view less detailed plans, Moyross only got 1 and just over 100 residents turned up to that. The whole thing was badly organised" said Mr Daly. Residents of Moyross and members of the general public have until the end of March to give their feedback on the proposals. The MRA have published the proposals online for those that missed the consultation, just click the link below