Regeneration funding for Non-Regeneration Projects

Posted 9 years ago, 26 Mar 2015 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

It has come to the attention of the Moyross Residents Alliance that the Limerick College (LIT), have made a request for funding of €15,000,000 from the regeneration and other bodies for a new building, for something they call an innovation centre, these funds that are available to the regeneration should have been directed to the work they are suppose to do and which they continuously fund for money and yet waste it when they accumulate it. The people who live in these regeneration areas have been once again been let down by the promises set many years ago, they will have to continue to live in bad conditions until money has been spent wisely by the regeneration project. An innovation centre would be a benefit for the future of Limerick, however the plans they expressed two years ago at Thomand Park, did not involve putting any money towards LIT, that it would be purely based on a new idea of rebuilding communities for a better future known as the Limerick Regeneration Implementation Plan. The most beneficial part as seen by many people would be to start production of the new road from Coonagh Cross to Moyross, this would open up new employment and give access to business and schools that people could not previously get to. We would also like to see new houses being put in places of demolished ones filling the gaps that the regeneration have left, where perfectly good houses have been taken down instead of being upgraded. The Moyross Residents Alliance placed injunctions against the council and regeneration agency six years ago to prevent any of that happening, however they managed to speed up their efforts before the letters from our solicitors were handed to them, this was a total abuse of human rights and frowned upon by everyone. Questions regarding any of the above can be discussed by Mr Tom Daly (Chairperson of the Moyross Residents Alliance) at his Mobile number : '086 305 8049'.