Regeneration Progress In Moyross

Posted 10 years ago, 24 Nov 2013 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

Tom Daly Chairperson of the Moyross Residents Alliance said, "It's great to see, the road going up to Delmege Park being re-surfaced and also the road in Delmege Park bering resurfaced, This is a positive step in going forward". In the near future we would like to see the road from Coonagh Cross over to Moyross being started, It would open up the Northside and provide new opertunities in Moyross. It's great to see that in the near future the City Council are going to knock the eye sore, bungalows and houses in Delmege as it has brought upon anti-social behavior around the area. We would also like to see the wall going around Thomand Village, knocked down with a new proper structure erected. Already the Moyross Residents Alliance, Spoke to Lynn Dinneen about this wall, It is fallen down as seen in the Delmege Park side of it, It's a disgrace in the first place as there was not even planning permission for this so called wall, we feel that we are imprisoned in our own area, Tom Daly had a reporter from a National paper looking at it, he could not believe in the way in which the wall was left and that how there is two direlict bungalows alongisde a tenant, this should be sorted out and the bungalows demolished alongside her. While we, the Moyross Residents Alliance don't want to put this on the National paper, we feel that we have no other choice as people will not listen to us and get these problems sorted out, get this situation sorted out with this wall, get onto Thomand village, to take down this wall and put a more suitable structure in it's place. It's also great to see the local community centre management hiring locals from within Moyross and other areas, this is good going forward, we hope the Regeneration committee and the Limerick City Council, get onto the management of Thomand Village and get this problem sorted out.