Shame on you Mr. Hayden

Posted 9 years ago, 27 Jul 2011 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

The Moyross people are disgusted with Mr. Hayden's comment on the Limerick Leader. How dare him called the people of Moyross and the Regeneration areas as ''factions'' we the people of Limerick are keeping Mr. Hayden and co in the job. Only for us he would still be in Dublin in his job as an anti-social behaviour officer said Mr. Tom Daly Chairperson of the MRA. The Moyross residents and the MRA brought the Regeneration process forward by going door to door getting into mediation with home owners and tenants about getting houses knocked next to them, also Mr. Kenny himself was involved with the MRA in getting issues sorted out in Delmege Park in which we thank him for. The MRA was also working with the City Council and the Regeneration Agency and done a documentary of issues with houses and other issues which were all sorted out again thanks to the Moyross Residents Alliance. So the people of Moyross and the other regeneration areas tell you Mr. Hayden to go back to Dublin with your attitude as we the people of Limerick think it stinks as we can do without your slur calling us ''factions''. Also Mr. Hayden would want to look around Moyross and see what the MRA built our own community garden in Delmege Park also being involved in getting houses knocked and other major issues sorted out in Moyross. We will also like to remind Mr. Hayden that Chairperson for Events James Daly and our Vice Chairperson Martin O Halloran raised nearly 20 to 30 thousand euros for charity last year and to call us the people of Moyross ''factions'' is a disgrace which you can see on We are not going to take your comments lying down, we will be writing to politicians and MEP's to demand that you resign from your job over your comments. After all it is us the people and our homes that will be demolished and it will be also for the future of our kids that we are talking about here.