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Posted 11 years ago, 20 Aug 2012 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

The Moyross Residents Alliance would like to thank all the people who text for them in tidy towns. We got over 50 % of the vote which was brilliant. We would also like to thank all of the locals who are cleaning and painting their area's not only in Delmege Park but all over Moyross. The MRA will be continuing their clean up of Delmege this week although their funds are very limited as we are an alliance that funds ourselves in which you can see in the beautiful garden we have built. We have put 16 thousand euro into our memorial garden in Delmege Park. We got no help from no one in the building of our lovely garden and it shows what can be done in other areas just like in Delmege. So if you are living in regeneration area's and there is a gap next to your home, write to the council and try explain to them that you have a plan and what you want to do and the council might come on board and give you permission because we are delighted in what we have accomplished. We would like to thank Frank Ryan and sons, Sandra Bennett and family for the support in having our memorial garden next door to them. Also all of the people who put in the hard work and are still to this day doing hard work, it is great. Of course you have people going around saying we got this grant and that grant but we can assure you that the MRA never got a penny from no one. Not from Limerick City Council nor Regeneration it was all the effort of the MRA and the people involved. The MRA was formed to help people through and uphold their rights through the regeneration process for the last 5 years and I have to say it was brilliant work that was done. We done documentaries and got M.E.P's involved, T.D's involved also to fight for peoples rights tenants and home owners through the regeneration which as a failure it was more like degeneration a type of ethnic cleansing. So I say to the people of Moyross, Keep up the good work as you can all be proud of your area's. The spirit in our community is still very strong in moyross. We would like to say a big thank you to Cindy Fogarty and Cathal McCarthy for the painting of the murals in weston and south hill and other area's and she is also painting a sacret heart statue in Delmege Park Memorial Garden. This can not go and be forgotten as this woman has put in endless hours. So Keep up the good work Cindy from the Moyross Residents Alliance. Chairperson Tom Daly.

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Posted 11 years ago, 16 Aug 2012 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

The Moyross Residents Alliance is a self sponsored alliance, and sponsored the likes of Stars in the Hood, Monks V Gards The limerick toy show and all proceeds from these events went to charities such as St. Vincent DePaul, Crumlin Hospital for sick children, Regional Ark Unit, Benardos, St. Munchins Community Centre, Limerick Youth Service, Share a Dream, Cancer Research, Special Olympics and many more also Jay Red going to Las Vegas, The Friars Youth Camp which the regeneration agency was asked to sponsor Mr. Kenny said he would give 1 thousand euro and made the Friars fill out paperwork and the funds still never materialized but we still got by. All this work was done through Jamie Daly Chairperson for Events with the MRA and also Martin O Halloran Vice Chairperson of the MRA, David and Angela McNamara and Cathal McCarthy, Deirdre Murphy and all the rest of the committee from the MRA who put in endless hours to make the kids happy through their summer and christmas holidays. We have never thought of ourselves, we just thought of christmas and to make christmas work for everyone not only in the regeneration areas but all of limerick and put smiles on young kids faces through the years. Vice Chairperson Martin O Halloran. Below are some of the pictures of events The Moyross Residents Alliance Committee were involved in.

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