Construction Hazard in Relation to Cliona Park Apartments

Posted 8 years ago, 22 Mar 2016 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

Serious Health and Safety issues for the residents of Cliona Park apartments with the builders showing scant regard. Once again the Moyross Residents' Alliance chairman, Tom Daly, has been bombarded with calls from unhappy residents about the behaviour of Conack Construction .. Dust from the site is coming in through nearby residents' windows, front doors, settling on top of roofs and destroying their cars. More importantly it is affecting children and adults that suffer from severe asthma. Other contractors are also digging up the roads and cutting concrete paths with con-saws and are also not using any water to prevent dust; this is blatantly a major health and safety issue and again it would only happen to the Moyross community with zero respect from the construction companies involved when they are working around peoples homes and belongings. Starting work at 7am in the morning when children are off from school for the Easter holidays is unacceptable. We are going to put in an official complaint to the Office of Regeneration, the Council and other bodies to sort this matter out once and for all.

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