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Posted 12 years ago, 26 Aug 2011 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

The MRA would like to acknowledge and thank Clancy Builders for erecting signs on their fences to use the other footpath and signs to also say that they are sorry for the inconvenience caused. It goes some of the way but the people of Moyross would prefer if the fence was put inside the pathway as the fence is very unstable at the moment. We do acknowledge that there is building going on there but again all the MRA is worried about is incase someone is hurt or god forbid killed.

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Irish Cancer Society Night

Posted 12 years ago, 22 Aug 2011 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

Vice Chairperson Martin O Halloran of the MRA and Mr. Roy Flanagan would like to thank all the people who turned up on our night for the Irish Cancer Society held in Bentley's O Connell Street Limerick. Martin o Halloran and Roy Flanagan would like to thank all the guest artist and our Special Guest Marion Kelly who stole the show in a terrific performance. She went down and danced among the guest and had everyone singing which can be seen in the following photos. This event raised much needed money for Cancer Research Ireland. The cheque will be presented when all of the proceeds are in and counted. Again we must say to the people of Limerick for all your support in this worth while event. Thank you.

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Health and Safety with Clancy Builders

Posted 12 years ago, 12 Aug 2011 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

It has come to the attention of the Chairperson of the MRA Tom Daly that the fencing around the new Cliona Apartments and Houses is not safe. It is only a matter of time that someone will be maimed or worse Killed. There were already two near misses at this spot. We are delighted with the building of the new houses and apartments, Why don't they think of health and safety first. If this was in any other part of the city it would not be tolerated so why should we the people of Moyross have to put up with this having kids and adults walking on the main road, it is just not acceptable said Mr. Daly. The MRA has reported it to the Regeneration Agency and others and we are awaiting Clancy Builders to rectify the situation regarding the fencing It also has come the attention of the MRA that people from Moyross are still not employed by Clancy's and we hope this is not another false promise said Mr. Daly of the MRA. Also in a survey of June 2009 the MRA done a survey of Moyross to see how people were coping with the Regeneration Agency and how Regeneration overall was effecting them. In our survey we found that people were terrified in their homes and that most of the people were not happy with regeneration in the way it was going and on another survey done by the MRA in 2011 and people were still frightened and regeneration was still letting them down, now we know we had a lot of up's and down's in the economy but surely to got 102million gone and now 2011 they are starting to build. Where did the money go? Also a lot of people are not happy with Mr. Kenny and Mr. Hayden leading the Regeneration in Limerick as they are cutting residents in all these areas down by calling them names like FACTIONS on the local papers and Media. They have forums in place which are no good, they are only talking shops. They should be disbanded and let the people decide their own future and also get a committee from Limerick and surrounding areas to oversea the Regeneration project in Limerick. The people of Fatima Mansions done it and why can't we do it said Mr. Daly of the MRA. Looking through this report released from the University of Limerick's Dr. Clifford Stevenson and Dr. Niamh McNamara it shows that people are not happy with the Regeneration and they do not feel safe as Mr. Kenny and Mr. Hayden says on local and national radio stations that everything is fine IT IS NOT FINE. The only way Regeneration will work in all communities is to indulge with residents of all these areas. That is the way forward. And we pray to god for the peoples sake in these regeneration areas and the people of Limerick that this process works.

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Stars in the Hood 2011

Posted 12 years ago, 01 Aug 2011 by Martin Halloran Profile Martin Halloran

Stars in the Hood 31st of July 2011 was a massive historical event in Moyross. Jamie Daly and his committee held host to international star Aggro Santos, European Producer Karlo Scarpelli and other major producers from the United Kingdom. This was a huge success as hundreds fought the rain and wind to witness this historical event, this has never happened in the history of Moyross. Aggro Santos was the first internationally recognised star to perform in Delmege Park in Moyross which he himself was proud of and thanked the people of Moyross on his facebook and twitter pages. The Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson put up the Prize Money of €1000 winner of Rap Contest to Nathan Keane and €500 went to Tony o Halloran for the Dance Contest and €100 to Niall Keane for runner up in the Dance Contest. Nathan Keane now has a chance to go to the UK and get his music produced professionally. The MRA would like to thank Jamie Daly of Asteroid Events, Paul Foley and Limerick City Council in helping us making this event the success it was. This is what the people of Moyross call social regeneration in which gives the youth of the regeneration areas something to look forward to. Mr Aggro Santos took time out of his busy schedule to take photos with every single person who attended the event Stars in the Hood in which the people were ecstatic and amazed to get to meet him in person. Martin O Halloran Vice Chairperson of the MRA and James Daly Chairperson of Events would like to thank Willie o Dea for his attendance and for getting involved with the people. We would like to thank Angela McNamara, Deirdre Murphy and David McNamara for their time in cooking and making food ready for the people. Excellent stuff from them on the MRA Committee. We would also like to thank all the people who came from all the regeneration areas for attending and showing the first class people that we all are instead of Mr Hayden of the Limerick Regeneration Agency cutting us and calling us Factions. So keep up the good work because this is a positive step in the ongoing regeneration process. THE IS THE START OF THE NEW MOYROSS. We would like to acknowlege Maryanne Mc Mahon and John Mc Mahon who travelled from London to be involved in the atmosphere at Stars in the Hood. Maryanne sent us an email to congratulate all involved in the organising in Stars in the Hood and congratulations to the people of Moyross.

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