Residents being discriminated against in Sarsfield Gardens

Posted 6 years ago, 08 Oct 2017 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

The residents of number 14 & 15 of Sarsfield Gardens , Moyross . We personally can't believe the way they were discriminated against Every other house on their block has been refurbished and these two individuals have been left out. One of said residents contacted Shane Doherty of Northside Regeneration and asked why their family homes were dismissed for the improvements made to the area. Mr. Doherty said "I will have a look into it, But nothing can be done till next year although I will be in contact with you" This is blamant discrimation towards two families who have the same rights as everybody else in their neighbourhood. We will be contacting Mr. Shane Doherty directly about this and hope he sees the error in his ways. On a brighter note , We would like to extend thanks to the John the foreman and his team of the Mulcare Group for the brilliant work they have been doing to the footpaths and sewerage in Delmege park , Here are photos to follow! We have to address that four or five companies tried to address this issue and could not fix said error which were still paid for the job , Its great to know they've gotten the experts in!

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