FIDH takes Ireland before the European Committee of Social Rights

Posted 9 years ago, 31 Jul 2014 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

At long last the collective complaint is on track. The MRA and Limerick Regeneration Watch is proud the have been involved in this campaign. All four of Limerick's "regeneration" areas are represented in the collective complaint, which focuses on our Human Right to adequate housing.

Council spends Regeneration Fund on Wealthy Buissiness 'Thomand Park'

Posted 9 years ago, 19 Jul 2014 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

Hearing the latest news, It is a disgrace, 70,000 Euro out from the Regeneration fund, used to hold the World Cup Rugby Sevens Tournament in Thomand Park, surely they should focus on improving their local areas and support clubs and buissiness less wealthy. Even using a fraction of that money on creating the new road infrastructure or forwarding the Regeneration would have been more beneficial to everyone. At the begining of the year regeneration stated, they do not have the money to fully provide for the regeneration, but how can they when they spend the fund for Regeneration on ridiculous things like this, we even asked them if they wanted to donate a small amount to support local charites such as Bernados, Special Olympics, Cari and Cancer Research a few years ago, but not a single cent was ever given out, yet they prefer to provide for the wealthiest company, who are not in need "Thomand park". What has Thomand Park ever done for Moyross or the surrounding area in return ?