Nice Job Mr. Tinnelly

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The Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson Tom Daly would like to thank Tinnelly Demolition for maintaining a safe enviroment during the deconstruction of ruined houses and repairs to the roadwork infrastructure. It is also nice to see that the Regeneration has in somewhat actually started and we are glad that some action has taken place in improving Moyross for the future generations. It may be to short to tell if this will continue, but in the mean time we can thank the Regeneration for sticking to their core plan and actually taking action (unlike last time). We would also like to thank Tinelly Demolition for their contribution to the Limerick Toy Show, the donation will help greatly to the charity which will be sponsored.

Regeneration Progress In Moyross

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Tom Daly Chairperson of the Moyross Residents Alliance said, "It's great to see, the road going up to Delmege Park being re-surfaced and also the road in Delmege Park bering resurfaced, This is a positive step in going forward". In the near future we would like to see the road from Coonagh Cross over to Moyross being started, It would open up the Northside and provide new opertunities in Moyross. It's great to see that in the near future the City Council are going to knock the eye sore, bungalows and houses in Delmege as it has brought upon anti-social behavior around the area. We would also like to see the wall going around Thomand Village, knocked down with a new proper structure erected. Already the Moyross Residents Alliance, Spoke to Lynn Dinneen about this wall, It is fallen down as seen in the Delmege Park side of it, It's a disgrace in the first place as there was not even planning permission for this so called wall, we feel that we are imprisoned in our own area, Tom Daly had a reporter from a National paper looking at it, he could not believe in the way in which the wall was left and that how there is two direlict bungalows alongisde a tenant, this should be sorted out and the bungalows demolished alongside her. While we, the Moyross Residents Alliance don't want to put this on the National paper, we feel that we have no other choice as people will not listen to us and get these problems sorted out, get this situation sorted out with this wall, get onto Thomand village, to take down this wall and put a more suitable structure in it's place. It's also great to see the local community centre management hiring locals from within Moyross and other areas, this is good going forward, we hope the Regeneration committee and the Limerick City Council, get onto the management of Thomand Village and get this problem sorted out.

Residents want watchdog committee

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Chairperson of the Moyross Residents Alliance said "There should be a committee put in place and into action immediately, to get this implementation plan started. Our minister Jan 'O Sullivan said "This group would be put in place", we have waited six weeks and this has not been put in place, what is the big hold up, now we must wait until the 5th of December, another six weeks, we will soon also have Christmas on top of us, which would most likely further that another six weeks, bringing the plan initially to 2014. Jan 'O Sullivan said "I was critical at the lack of pace in the last regeneration process, There was no group to push the last regeneration process forward under Brendan Kenny". Jan O' Sullivan said "I want to make sure a group was in place to keep a regular eye on the regeneration process into the future, to ensure it is meeting its targets". "Surely to God" said Tommy Daly, "They have broken their promise already, no wonder the residents are disillusioned and feel conned again". Jan O' Sullivan has also said "A successful delivery and government approach, with public bodies and private sector and community organization working together, This plan WILL WORK!". Chairperson of the Moyross Residents Alliance, Matt Collins of the Ballincura Weston Residents Alliance and also Cathal Mc Carthy of the Limerick Regeneration Watch, were never invited, into any dialogue, with the councils or any other public body about the implementation of this plan, so we seem to be heading down the same road, if you don't get the residents involved this plan will not work. So Mr. Con Murray said (City and County Manager), have said "Very small inroads were made into the programme in 2007, Now is a chance to bridge the gap between the last six or seven years and the next ten years and make this plan work, the residents of the regeneration areas also welcome, clauses to be put on the plan to have locals employed and local contractors in any contracts of the regeneration areas", "This will mean local workers will get employment on the new regeneration project, I hope our councillers get on board with the Moyross, Southill, St. Mary's Park and Ballincura Weston, as each of these councillers, were voted in, by the residents of Limerick and the residents of the regeneration areas". said Tom Daly, Chairperson of the Moyross Residents Alliance.

Broken Promises

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It's great to see the Limerick City Council has come out and said that they are given us another 6 weeks to digest the implementation plan, We must acknowledge the Implementation plans, and send in our views and thoughts on the changes that should take place before the deadline date of December 5th. There is alot of things already taken place, being done by the ordinary people of Moyross, the feedback the MRA is getting back at the moment in all regeneration areas is astounding, people have been commenting that this is not going to work, as it seems they won't have the money in two years and that is has already been put back 6 weeks after it was suppose to commence, it has also been noted that the leaflets that were promised to be delivered to each individual door, has not been fulfilled and that we now must wait another good while before the Regeneration even starts, Once again. "It's a disgrace". A comment by Tom Daly: "I hope we are not going through the same process as we did with Brendan Kenny when he was CEO of regeneration, it was all lies and promises, we seem to be going through the same thing again, they want to get up off their arses and get this process into motion, we are sick and tired of promises, the people of regeneration areas will not put up with this any longer, so act now we say to Limerick City Council and give people the hope they deserve, stop playing with their minds".

Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Draft Plan Public Viewing (Content By

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Submissions from the public and all interested parties are now invited to the Draft Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan (LRFIP) commencing on the 1st of November and continuing until the 5th December, 2013. The Draft Plan is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report prepared in accordance with the Planning & Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations 2004 – 2011 and a Habitats Directive Assessment (HDA) Natura Impact Report, pursuant to Article 6 of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC. A copy of the Draft LRFIP, Environmental Report and Natura Impact Report may be inspected during normal opening hours from Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) within the period from Friday 1st November 2013 to 5th December 2013 (inclusive) at the following locations: Main reception area, Limerick City Council, City Hall; Merchants Quay, Limerick; Main reception area, Limerick County Council, County Hall, Dooradoyle, Limerick; Office of Regeneration, Watch House Cross, Moyross, Limerick; Office of Regeneration, LEDP, Roxboro Rd, Southill, Limerick; Office of Regeneration, King's Island Community Centre, King's Island, Limerick; Watch House Cross Library, Moyross, Limerick; Roxboro Library, Roxboro, Limerick; Limerick City Library, The Granary, Michael St., Limerick; Dooradoyle Library, Dooradoyle, Limerick.

Jobs in Moyross

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It's great to see the Corpus Christi church with the trees trimmed in the driveway of the church in Moyross, A local man was talking to one of the employees with the company that was contracted to do the job and was asking what they were doing with all the off-cuts of the trees and he said "I was going to sell them to make money for the Creche which is great to see." the Moyross man said, But the Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson, Tom Daly said "It's a very worrying situation when you have contractors outside of Limerick, getting this work when locals from Moyross, should be getting these jobs and local contractors from Moyross would be well able to do this work." The Moyross Residents Alliance Chairperson Tom Daly Said, "I saw people working with chain-saws cutting trees around the football pitch and cutting trees next to some of the Moyross Houses, why can't the locals of Moyross do this work, I am a bit surprised at Father. Tony and Thiernan O' Neill, the principle of the Corpus Christi School, That they hadn't got any locals to do this, it would have gone down well for the community, and even would have gave local contractors jobs and got them involved, It is very surprising to see, tree surgeons working on a Sunday, surely they are on double time and the way the economy has gone at the moment, with people barely working normal hours in the normal 5 day week".