Distributor Road Updates Part 2

Posted 6 years ago, 07 Jan 2018 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

As an update to the progress of the distributor road we're delighted to see the construction moving forward, It will make life alot easier for the people in the Moyross area and those in the cul de sac as the city is more accessible to them. Mr Thomas Daly approached minister Simon Covney about this plan at the unveiling of the funding for the Moyross Community Center with the community by his side as it was something that we needed to push, You can also see on one of our previous articles that Mr. Thomas Daly also brought it to the attention of TV3 , Even when 23 counselors voted against it the Moyross Residence Alliance stood firm with 3 other counselors because we know what this community needs to evolve and progress , This was a necessary action for us to take to open up a so called disadvantaged area to the city/county. We hope to see more of these projects going forward to better the community and development of the Moyross area.

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