Human Excrement in Delmege Park

Posted 8 years ago, 28 Jan 2016 by Tommy Daly Profile Tommy Daly

The committee has been very worried over Christmas about the human excrement that has been flowing onto the road, it has caused great concern amongst the residents of Delmege Park, We went down to Michael O' Kelly and were happy that he was able to get a Suction & Jetting, Environmental Unit out in less than three hours, we were very happy with the outcome with this and were thankful for the quick resolution, we do wish to ask why it was not sorted out when the residents phoned the environmental department three times. Another issue that had cropped up that we noticed shortly after was residents complaining about the sewerage links in their back garden now overflowing, We acted upon this ourselves, as the council this time did not respond, we purchased rods for well over 300 Euro and completed the task without there help. All in all we have kept Delmege Park in top shape and now the kids are able to play outside once again without getting sick.

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More Damage In Delmege Park Garden

Posted 8 years ago, 03 Jan 2016 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

2000 Euro worth of damage has occurred to Delmege Parks Memorial Garden in Moyross, As you can see from the images, we had brought brand new double glazed windows and then the storm got the better of us, its nearly next to impossible at times to keep the garden maintained financially, as such devastating events causes a huge loss on our funds which come out of our own pockets, but this Memorial Garden, stands for the four great lads who lost their lives needlessly a few years back and this is why we take so much pride in the garden even when things get tough, we keep it going for them.

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