First class work done by Limerick City Council.

Posted 8 years ago, 26 Jun 2015 by Tommy Daly Profile Tommy Daly

The Moyross Residents Alliance, would like to thank Michael O' Kelly who is head of the limerick regeneration and Derick Stundun from the Limerick City Council, they have resolved a few issues in Delmege Park involving damage walls, cracked footpaths and cracked drive-ways. The work originally done by contractors was flawed and left in a dangerous condition. The residence are now happy that it was redone and to a satisfactory standard and kids can play in these areas again.

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New Facilities for Moyross

Posted 8 years ago, 02 Jun 2015 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

We have had great news that the new Post Office replacing the Chinese Takeout will open shortly, allowing the people of Moyross and areas to send mail, collect money and to send money, we had campaigned with TD's and Councillors to get this business open and it is of great fortune that one has been built so quickly, we do hope they succeed in the new business, The local shop next door to this has also installed a new PayZone, which can be used for pay as you go cards and topping up your credit when its low, these new facilities are a great welcome and we want to thank them for working here in Moyross.

Community Garden Renewal

Posted 8 years ago, 01 Jun 2015 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

The Moyross Residents Alliance has once again begun work on the Community Garden in Delmege Park, The winter as usual has had a devastating, destructive effect on the garden which needs to be somewhat replenished for the summer that is ahead of us, every year we place funds towards the garden to pay for the renewal of plants and maintenance of the garden from our own pockets, this year however the Limerick Regeneration have decided to grant us funds to help cover the costs, we truly appreciate their input that does not have any negative side effects, The memorial garden built in Delmege Park was created and consecrated by 'Bishop Donal Murray' for the residents of Moyross, to give people hope and a place of peace within the area, we will continue to extend the recreation of the garden and look forward to the new members who gather to help out.