Repairs to the Community Garden

Posted 10 years ago, 14 Mar 2014 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

The Moyross Residents Alliance has begun repairs on the community garden in Delmege Park, there was structural damages to the greenhouse, with many parts of the garden landscape ruined from the harsh winters that passed us. Upon investigating the damage we stumbled upon a sewer drain which was somewhat blocked, we have in the meantime fixed the issue with the drain, which caused many houses the last few months to have problems with the waste water in their houses backlogging. We are going to begin campaigning locals and co-ops in different areas to build and look after their respective areas, this would in turn save the council much money while also providing the local community people with jobs. Why in the honour of God cant the regeneration committee and Limerick City council listen to the people and form these groups and bring unemployment down.