Low Wage Income!

Posted 9 years ago, 01 Dec 2014 by Mark Hester Profile Mark Hester

It's great to see that the prefabs for our local soccer club is now being built which can be used as a dressing room, it was promised for quite some time that it would be done, we are glad they have kept to their word this is a positive approach made by the regeneration, we would however like to encourage that the regeneration persue to committing our local people to work on local projects, creating new jobs and enabling them to support their families with a decent wage. It is very difficult for those who cannot find jobs to have to pay all these bills including raised petrol costs, water charges and cut allowances. Following onto this subject we have noticed many people who are desperate for work go out and look for job schemes which only pay from 20 Euro to 50 Euro at full time hours, people who are ready for a working enviroment and want to keep themselves busy, the minimum they should be getting is 150-200 as less then a part time job wage, Alot of compaines exploit these schemes by hiring people for free while the government pays their wage of around 35 euro, this allows the compaines to gain more profit without the need of handing out. This Should Be Changed!!