Update on the distributor road Coonagh to Knocklisheen

Posted 3 years ago, 21 Dec 2020 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

We call on minister Eamon Ryan who has the contracts on his desk above in Dublin waiting to be signed off on , There has been millions of euros already spent on the first phase of this road and the people of Moyross and surrounding areas are awaiting the minister to sign these contracts , Nearly 13 years we are waiting for this road to be finished but somehow it is always put on the long finger. Tom daly of the MRA and Ray O'Halloran were at many a meeting about this road through the years , We are calling on Mister Ryan as a community to do the right thing by everybody and get this road finished as it is in everybody's best interest. Regards , Tom Daly

The Fairytale Of Moyross

Posted 3 years ago, 21 Dec 2020 by Cathal Mc Carthy Profile Cathal Mc Carthy

In the middle of an uncertain world I think everyone would agree that families all over limerick needed something to bring that christmas cheer , We are so proud to say that our community could come together to create something so beautiful in memory of a little boy that was so full of life and brought light and joy to everyone he met Brooklyn Colbert.. We thought Brookyln was the perfect inspiration for this project , We have lost so many of our young people and times can get so tough for everyone facing there own battles it has been a hard year for us all , But the most important thing to remember is BE KIND and BELIEVE! To Wayne Colbert and Sonya Aylmer Brookylns parents thank you for allowing us to honour your amazing little boy in the way he deserved it was a priviledge. With signs from the sky and rainbows this event was always going to be spectacular , even though for a moment the weather went against us everybody braved that and delievered the best they could. Although the event went great , It was very sad to see that certain media outlets and TD's were not present at the event , all we have to say is you missed out on a great show , Going into 2021 maybe yer focus can be put on breaking the reputation you all have given the Northside over the years, It's time to break the stigma that you all have had a part in creating against our community. The isolation we have faced has done nothing but bring us closer together so thank you for teaching us that all we need is our own. BIG shoutout to Limerick Now for giving us the time we deserved and covering our event!! On an end note we really hope that everybody has a magical christmas and a new year full of blessings as long as we have eachother we have everything we need to remember that!! We would like to extend a special thanks to every single company who sponsored us with this event we could not have done it without you! All of our hardworking team to name a few If we have forgotten anyone your hard work didnt go unnoticed thank you so much, The Friars, Jay Red, Pat Foley & His wife Margaret ,Nigel , Keith Meade ,Paul Ryan , Jeffrey O'Donnell , Alan Daly , Brendy Daly , Frankie Daly ,Tommy Daly ,Deirdre Murphy , Angela McNamara , David McNamara , Fitzgerald Skiphire , Jean O'Brien , Robert Ryan ,Eugene Coughlan ,Anthony Quinn, Peter Ryan , Brian Byrnes , Declan Carroll, Councillor Frankie Daly , TD Maurice Quinlivan .. The two extremely talented artists that made this dream come alive Joseph Kennedy and Lukasz Malawski your talent is beyond words! Our great elves and little helpers you all are definitely on the nice list best kids ever! And the man of the moment himself Jamie Daly, You made a dream become a reality and so many people will never forget it , You are an inspiration to our children and our community and we are so excited to see what you will do in the future!! Chairperson, Tommy Daly Secretary , Lisa Daly

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